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producent kółek do wózków dziecięcych
biuro firmy Futerski The company was established in 1982 by Jan Futerski. Over time the company became a family-run business and part of the business was taken over by his sons. Now it is a three-generation company.

At the beginning the company was involved in the production of tyres and rims for prams made of plastics. The company has been expanded and adjusted to the needs and requirements of the customers for the years of its activity.
Apart from wheels and tyres for prams, now the company is involved in the production of different parts made of plastics such as footrests, swivel suspensions and many others. The company employs new workers and exchanges the stock of machine tools due to its continuous development. The company manufactures on the basis of polypropylene compounds mainly by means of the injection method. We offer a wide range of products, guarantee a high quality and we do our best to manufacture our products according to the latest technologies. We are a trustworthy and reliable company open to any ideas of our customers.
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